The Story Behind The Time Mystery Podcast

I was always a fan of the great Art Bell and what he meant to the to the world of AM radio and the late-night exploration of the unknown.  I used to enjoy so many nights listening to the many subjects he would offer.  It carried me through some really tough times.  I found it to be both therapeutic and relaxing.  The ability to let your imagination wonder the universe in search of answers always seemed to calm me and help me find comfort when times were hard.  I guess it was the desire to believe there was much more to the world than just what we see on most days.  Life can become so stale and repetitive if we are not careful to avoid it.  Sometimes people find themselves so caught up in what they do on an average day that they can easily forget what else there is or could be, out there.  The TimeMystery Podcast is an opportunity for me to invite others, like myself, who may also enjoy exploring the many wonders that I have found so captivating throughout my life.  Like sitting down and reading a good book or watching a movie to which you would never tire, come with me as we explore more of the mysterious, the dark and the unbelievable in these amazing episodes I call, The TimeMystery Podcast.